These Are the Brands Rich Guys Buy Most

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There are many studies which are being conducted to help understand the likes of men who have a discretionary income really buy. There are many studies which prove that men certainly like Calvin Klein as it is one of the most successful as well as well recognized name. In this article, we are going to talking about the brands which rich guys buy the most.


Gucci is one of the most popular luxury brands of 2020, which has some of the best competitors. The popularity of the brand is slightly declining, but still is one the top list of brands that men purchase. This is due to the exceptional run the Italian Fashion Brand has earned in the previous years. This is one brand which provides the millennials with edgy designs allowing one the popularity that they have.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a famous French luxury house which is one of the most popular high-end brands. The popularity of the brand is growing due to its streetwear fashion which the designer Virgil Abloh made the conscious decision to help with the growth the brand is facing. Louis Vuitton, with their supreme connect, made millennial luxury shoppers accessible, making them rank on top.


Balenciaga is a French luxury group which is one of the fastest-growing fashion luxury brands in the works which is gained in popularity due to its streetwear style. The brand is bold and fashions forward in design which can design its popularity with the fashion influencers and has also swept the runway shows. Balenciaga has seen growth even with the handbags, clothing and footwear.



Armani is a privately owned Italian luxury fashion house which is founded by Giorgio Armani in the year 1975. This is one fashion brand which offers a broad range of designer products from leather goods, ready to wear clothes, watches, shoes, jewellery, accessories, etc. Armani has divided itself into three core names Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, AX Armani Exchange.

Yves Saint Laurent

Another French Luxury fashion house which is gaining popularity is Yves Saint Laurent. It is one of the fastest-growing brands which has diversified itself to ensure that one has ready to wear leather goods which is premium as well as high end.



Burberry is a British luxury brand which has gained popularity due to its iconic trench coats, clothes, fragrances, fashion accessories, etc. Burberry gained attention due to the fashion forward-looking digital retail spaces which have its sleek online video campaigns. They are still the top sellers in men’s jackets, and they have also ventured in new product lines which is exclusive watches and perfume collections.

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